Surrender Aurora

          ISBN-13: 978-1-5049-7409-7 (DRM-PDF)

          Fiction. ©2016.

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From AA meetings to Nellis Air Force Base and the war with ISIS. Just as James McGregor is settling down into the surrender of the partying life of a man close to taking college seriously, and the end of his wild days and ways, he gets pulled into a drug test with global portent. The drug he tests clears the fog of his pot smocking past and opens him up to a bold future. His Marine Corps security clearance is reactivated and he finds himself battling ISIS piloted fighter jets over Syria. It's a neck and neck chase, to stop a barbaric act of aviation terrorism. James finds a new meaning to surrender, and a serenity prayer that saves more than a thousand lives. All that and a new way to pay for college.


Quarantine of the Mind

          ISBN-13: 978-1-78382-096-2

          Non-Fiction. Chipmunkapublishing, United Kingdom, ©2014

Quarantine of the Mind is an account of the tribulations of a person deemed mentally ill and dangerous by the courts, and "imprisoned" thereby for an indeterminate time (19 years and counting at the time of publication) in order to protect society from him. Quarantine is a diatribe against the system of "preventative imprisonment for crimes not yet committed," and the torturous activities that are often used at institutions, out of the light of public scrutiny, to manifest "obedience training for adult humans," otherwise known to psychiatry as "treatment" for mental illness.


Mental Health Imprisonment: One Case (2007 edition)

           ISBN-13: 978-1425966478

           Non-fiction. ©2007; extensively revised and republished ©2011

           (2007 version is the only edition that can be currently located through Internet search.)

The original 2007 version of this publication largely constituted an archive of selected documents related to the author's incarceration at Minnesota's State Security Hospital. In the 2011 revision the author replaced most of those documents with text in an early attempt to interpret his incarceration in the context of some of those case documents.

The author's more recent volume, Quarantine of the Mind, covers the 2011 edition's ground with considerably more sense and analysis, thus the author recommends the 2007 edition of Mental Health Imprisonment: One Case as the more relevant piece for current readers. This earlier version can be thought of as a source material reference collection for readers interested in additional background related to the author's medical and legal circumstances.


Ultra Murder - Black Hole Drive (Two Short Novels by W. Strawn Douglas)

           ISBN-13: 978-1495911477

           ISBN-10: 1495911470

           Fiction. Revised combined edition. ©2014

UItra Murder is what happens when you pit an old definition of mind expansion against security needs of a post-modern surveillance reality. James Scott McGregor is thrust into finding a way to prevent both the Mafia and CIA from monopolizing a drug that opens minds to telepathic communication and mental eavesdropping. James must finds a path between the Mafia and CIA, and keep a world controlling cabal from obtaining the drug for its own nefarious use. But does James only manage an end to one nightmare while creating an even worse one?

Black Hole Drive sees a principled interstellar captain and his crew surviving in a universe peopled by ancient species with more advanced technologies, and by human thieves, pirates, corrupt security officers, Earth-bound officials and corporate interests out only for themselves. Aided by sentient spaceship, Candide, the captain and his crew commander shelve romance to rescue a mining colony, retrieve a long lost fleet of warships from pirates, and access technology of the ancients to carve a place in galactic society for the peoples and descendants of Earth.


Black Hole Drive

          ISBN-13: 978-1468509779

          Fiction. Revised and Republished. ©2012

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Ultra Murder

          ISBN-13: 978-1468506679

          Fiction. ©2012

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The Joy Engineers

          ISBN-13: 978-1449053840

          Fiction. ©2010

A collection of science fiction novellas and short stories, described as "stories of Joy Engineers proudly going out to cure injustice and create new worlds." Includes drug related themes, an early version of Black Hole Drive, and several stories later incorporated into Ultra Murder.