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Alternate ending for Quarantine of the Mind

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I have been blessed with friends . I still am fond of all my contacts. I had thirteen years to live a lifetime before my incarceration began. I have been able to share my life with about twenty people who I would invite into the party of my post incarceration afterlife.

During those thirteen years I met great souls and got to be close to a group of special people. Now I am writing a book to, hopefully, warn others who would not want to repeat my wasted time. If I can deliver those warnings it is because I want all further travelers on these roads to be warned of just what the State can do to detain, torture, and waste time.

Time is used as a weapon here. They will not shoot you but they will age you to death and imprison until you are too old and feeble to present a threat. Avoid such imprisonment.


1984 and the law.

When we talk about paranoid publishing and society in general there are trademark issues that pop up memorably. JFK assassinations, UFOs of recent and ancient origin, Illuminati, Masons, Templars, etcetera are the usual players. The other side of this coin is there are socio-economic factors that make derivatives on Wall Street look simple in comparison. Defense contractors are weighing the cost/benefit analysis of a new war in the middle east with every up tick of the computerized ticker tape machine.

Domestically we have a medical system that has billing problems but overall it is a very good cure for most ailments. Its biggest problems are in massive surgeries like quadruple bypass heart surgeries and in things like mental health where care goes on for decades. In heart surgery the cost is all up front and it can be hundreds of thousands of dollars for one dramatically invasive emergency operation.

Mental health is very much the opposite in that there is a precipitating event and then endless incarceration. A mental health case can consume well over two million dollars in two decades. Heart surgery is quick and expensive while mental health tries to age people to death.

Expanding the customer base is the real threat in mental health. Will they use mental health laws to go after militias or other well armed groups ? Is there a credible threat that mental health laws could be expanded upon to achieve an assault or attack on illegal drug users ? This is the sort of thing behavioral health is being used to do.

As it is now a behavioral health issue then can we expect other behaviors to be targeted ? Voting, Investing, creating marriages and families are all directions people commonly travel in. When there is travel there are taxes. Taxing the masses to pay for the services to the elites has always been one of the hidden agendas of the wealthy. When that happens one can be assured that incarcerations of every stripe will be used. If you create a box to put people into then somebody is going to use that box to house the people who annoy them the most. If you are sitting there admiring your collection of conspiracy books then you are probably in need of a few other books too

Most of these things are only low order paranoias at present. New invasions can include Homeland Security and the War on Drugs. Going to war against informally organized groups can shake people down as a group and result in individual prosecutions of smaller percentages of the greater groups. This means leftists like hippies of the Rainbow Gathering and right wingers of the militias can expect shakedowns with individual prosecutions. Then it is just a matter of divide and conquer in its truest form.

We have entered a new Orwellian 1984 reality where the accused are taxed to pay for their own imprisonment. This is already in process as prison inmates are now earning twenty five cents an hour and are being taxed 80% of that quarter. There are jobs in prison that can pay as much as minimum wage and all of those funds will be confiscated for so-called "cost of incarceration." That is on the criminal court side of things. The same thing goes on for the civil court side of things with mental health. The phenomena in question is called "cost of care" which is a tax on the mentally accused. Then there is double jeopardy where  you can be jailed twice for the same crime. "Cost of care" is an excessive fine. Then there are things like being forced to incriminate yourself. That's called the fifth ammendment.

Those are the big offenders in the Constitutional law in mental health. The founding fathers created a fishnet and those are the biggest fish to show up in that net.

I have stated the facts to you all repeatedly. The rest is up to you. Good luck.


40% less torture !!!

               There are two paranoid publishers, Adventures Unlimited and Light Technology, one sobriety publisher being Hazelden, and then you have big houses like Random House and Doubleday.  Eventually I hope to get the book to a big house. Getting any of these three smaller houses  to pick it up would be a great accomplishment. Right now it is self published which is the zero base starting point that all writers begin at.

                  For me it is a beginning. I can only hope it is as essential a text as Strunk and Whites "Elements of Style." White wrote "Charlottes Web" which is honored forever by children all over the English speaking world. I hope it becomes a classic in the realm of insanity.

                 After the Minnesota Miracle of Gary Cochrane dying of cancer in an angry fit of rage and the rest of us trading in his corpse for a forty percent reduction in our torture regimine we now have freedoms and liberties that Gary could only have dreamed of.

                     40% less torture! Such a deal.