William Strawn Douglas writes under the name W. Strawn Douglas, because there are just too many more famous William Douglas's  he'd otherwise have to compete with for name space!

This Douglas, born in 1961, grew up immersed in the medical system. His father was a physician at the world famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. His mother was a nurse and nursing instructor. A grandfather was a physician as well.

Douglas is a Marine veteran, has worked in the oilfields of Wyoming, and as a cook at the famed Seward Café on the West Bank of Minneapolis. He admits to having been active for years as a user of what he calls short order soft drugs, and even participated in distributing some of them.

Douglas spends his time reading science fiction, studying ideas about the shapes of future governments, and trying to combine the two in fiction.

This is his site for linking to his published writing.


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